3 Small Steps – Making a Difference on This World Oceans Day


My microbead motivation

How could I, a nature enthusiast and animal lover, be contributing to one of the most damaging polluters to our waterways, microbeads?  I was just trying to treat my acne.  I first became interested in advocating for our oceans and waterways after reading an article on microbead pollution.  The popular skincare product I used (Proactiv) contains microbeads.  More specifically, Polyethylene.  Poly = Plastic | Plastic = Microbeads.  On that day, my naive consumerism died.  Unless corporations are held accountable for their environmental impact through consumer demands or government regulations, they will not change.  That’s my story and maybe you have a similar one.  Stay vigilant as a consumer and see my top 3 tips below on making small changes for the greater good of our oceans.

1. Read labels on your personal care products, clothing, food, and basically everything you purchase.

2. Evaluate your trash 

  • If you’re reading this, I know you don’t drive down PCH throwing your trash out the window.  While you’re not littering, reducing or stopping your use of single-use items (plastics, styrofoams) will decrease demand, make a statement, and reduce the amount of trash on this planet that may accidentally end up in our ocean. 


3. Get involved – Donate time and/or money

  • Pick up trash.  Just do it.  It doesn’t need to be an organized beach clean-up.
  • Stay vigilant by contacting your representatives when environmental legislation is pending.  Look for petitions to sign.
  • Follow ocean advocacy groups, and if you can, donate money.

For more information, here’s a look at ocean advocacy groups I follow:

4 Ocean

Los Angeles Waterkeeper

Ocean Conservancy 

Pacific Whale Foundation 

Plastic Tides

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

The Smog of the Sea

Surfrider Foundation