Current News: Shark Fins


“73 million sharks become victims of the shark-fin trade each year.” ¹

It’s legal in 39 U.S. states to purchase shark fins.  This should shock you, as the method for fishing for shark fins is disturbing and inhumane. After the sharks are caught, their fin is violently cut off, and while still alive, they are thrown back into the ocean where they can’t swim and drown.  

California Representative Ed Royce (R-Fullerton) will soon introduce The Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act to Congress.  While California is one of 11 states where the sale of shark fin is illegal, there are no restrictions on it’s import through CA ports, including the Port of LA, where “more than 60 tons of shark fins arrive” each year.  This bill, if passed, will prohibit buying, selling, and possession of shark fin in all 50 states.  Supporters of the bill hope this will put a kink in the chain of the world wide problem of shark finning.  

The practice of finning is cruel, and the attack on these apex predators will have a ripple effect on ocean ecosystems.