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I take pictures in my mind before I actually click the shutter release.  Careful preparation and visualization are essential before all my photo sessions.  When a client has specific ideas for a session, it’s enjoyable to collaborate on this process.  My close friend and author of the natural living blog, The Love Designed Life, has a daughter who is about to turn one.  It has been a fun journey photographing both her children, and for this session her ideas revolved around a field location with ethereal lighting and a flower child vibe.

nov 1

nov 2

Through Pinterest, she pinned several inspiring photos to give me an idea of how to plan.  This process helped me narrow down two key elements to a session: lighting style and location.  Living in the Los Angeles area can provide for a diversity of photo locations, but for my favorite look, you need to head outside the city just a bit to Agoura Hills.  Having shot at this location before, I was certain it would be our ideal setting.  For dreamy backlighting, I shot in late afternoon over the course of almost two hours.

My husband Matt is talented behind the camera, and in certain circumstances, is very inspired to shoot with me.  Everything about this session was inspiring, and the next four photos are a selection of his favorite images.

nov 2_a

nov 3

By visiting the location in advance and considering our timeframe and shot list, we chose two locations at this particular spot.  The rustic oak trees provide valuable framing opportunities and a nice method for filtering some of the back lit shots.  It was truly essential to shoot with the sun behind our subjects, which with careful consideration to your camera settings, is not overly complicated.  It takes a little more patience and attention, but the end results make it well worth it.

nov 4

nov 5

Moving to our second location, we had about 30-40 minutes until sunset.  The overgrown grass provides the ultimate dreamy glow and the natural tones it reflects, warm the skin tones.  Like the two cute cherubs that they are, the kids were patient and enjoyed playing with these white pumpkins.  Lastly, you will see some solo shots of Paige as the the sun began to set and an orange glow filled the field with some lens flare dancing around like a fire fly.  This was a happy collaborative effort and I could not be more thrilled with the results.  Be sure to check out the Love Designed Life for insightful natural living articles, fun DIY tutorials, fashion + design, and all things mommy.

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