Watch Me Grow – Newborn Photos



Yes, if you scroll down you will see a Christmas tree, and if you look closely, a tiny newborn baby girl.  What a stunning room for her and her brother.  My client’s sister is an interior designer and had this beautiful and creative vision to design a 2 sided room for each of the “As” to enjoy.  Each side is my favorite, I just can’t decide.  Would this concept work for a grown-up’s room too?  Possibly?  The man cave meets the woMAN cave.

In addition to the newest member of the family, you will see her big brother.  I absolutely adore the tenderness and love an older sibling, while still a toddler himself, can learn in such a short period of time.  Parents, I’m sure this doesn’t come naturally, so I give you most of the credit.  However, that tenderness is completely heartwarming.  Of course I have the luxury of leaving when things get rough.  This session was wonderful and stay tuned for the 6 month session – already taken and waiting to be posted.


A Room_3A Room_2A Room_5A Room_6IMG_2192Meri_4A Room_4