Encino Maternity Portraits


Lake Balboa Park in Encino is a jem of a spot in the Valley.  Before each photo session, I discuss with my clients the mood they’d like to achieve.  Overall, we wanted a romantic and nature inspired maternity session, and Lake Balboa Park offers a lovely complimentary background to suit this mood.  Starting the shoot one hour before sunset, I was able to accomplish ethereal shots with dreamy backlighting and romantic bokeh.  I used my Canon 70-200 and shot primarily at f 3.2 (except for my sunburst shots).  Even in late afternoon light, I rarely have my subjects turned into the sun.  I think backlighting can be so effective and a reflector is essential to fill some light back onto them.  In this shoot, I used the silver side of a reflector.  Fill flash from a speedlight can also be effective, but if you can hold it or have an assistant, the reflector adds just enough natural looking fill.  If I can incorporate a sunburst or a silhouette photo into a maternity session, it makes my day.  To me, the mood these 2 types of images portray, just defines strength and motherhood.  With that, please enjoy this stunning couple.

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