Newport Beach, First Family Photos


There are certain times when you feel as a photographer you are truly honored and really have a place in people’s lives.  It gives me great perspective on the art of photography,  the importance of photography, and the valuable role it plays in documenting our family histories.  When I am a part of a special family moment by being there with my camera to capture it, I simply cherish those moments.  This past summer, my sister asked me to take family photos of her and her family while they were visiting Southern California for a work conference.  This request was special for two distinct reasons: this would be the first time I would get to meet my adopted nephew and the first time my sister would have family photos taken with their special new family addition.  Our day in Newport Beach was amazing complete with a whale watching trip with blue whale and dolphin sightings.  It was perfect.  Here they are…the first family photos!