Alicia & Mike 7.23.2011


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Last weekend I had kind of a surreal opportunity to photograph a high school friend’s wedding.  By coincidence, we both live in Southern California now by way of Ohio.  We both found out that the other lived out here through the magic of Facebook, but hadn’t had the opportunity to meet up, because I’m in the San Fernando Valley & she’s in Orange County.  If you’re familiar with L.A., one of us might as well be living back in Ohio, because the distance with traffic is challenging!

So here I am at Alicia & Mike’s wedding.  Mike IS such a cool guy, and together, they are such a fun couple!  I liked how they were silly throughout the day, and had some fun with different poses.  Oh yeah, did I mention they both have striking eyes?  I just thought they looked so wonderful and really was just happy to be there.  It’s one of those funny things in life where you never know where the path will take you.  Congratulations Alicia & Mike; your day was something special.

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