4 Generations ~ Newborn Portraits {Newbury Park, CA}


Finally catching up a bit on my recent portrait session blogging.  From my last post, you read that baby Cruz photos were on their way.  This was a really fortunate time, because we were able to get a few shots including 4 generations of Claudia’s family!  I’m all about nostalgia and family history, so this was really cool for me.

I also am excited to show you my first crochet project.  It’s the creamy bunting, and I’m pretty excited at how well the yarn photographs and looks so luscious.  Crocheted or knitted props are something fun I like to include, and this time, Claudia’s grandmother knitted the most beautiful colorful hat for Cruz to wear.  The blue and brown one, is courtesy of my mom.  Thank you mom!!  Well, without further ado, here they are!

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