Maternity Portraits to Display at a Baby Shower {Sherman Oaks}


Melissa is our dog trainer and her and her husband are expecting their 2nd child.  A baby girl!  I took these photos so Melissa could display them at her baby shower.  It really adds a nice personal touch to baby shower decor, so if you are planning a baby shower, consider displaying maternity portraits of the mom and dad to be.

This is a great time of year in L.A., because everything is green, and we have had a lot of rain this winter.  Melissa and I both agreed that an outdoorsy spot would be ideal, so we headed over to the Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area.  These yellow flowers bloom every year around this time, but I have no idea what they are.  Does anyone know?  I just knew I wanted to include them in this shoot.

Check out Melissa’s dog training website. She has taught us a lot of great things to help us with our rescue dog.  Charlie absolutely adores Melissa!

Couldn't resist this little photogenic cutie-pie!
I love shooting in fields with tall grass to get a few things in the foreground blurred out - Don't they look great in a more serious pose?

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