Baby Jack at almost 10lbs!{San Fernando Valley newborn photos}


This little man was almost 10lbs when he was born. Isn’t that awesome?! I love big babies.  Well, let’s be honest, I love small babies too.  Baby J is 2 weeks old in these photos, and he was quite a pleasure to take pictures of. Newborn photos can be tricky, so each session is a learning process. Here are some helpful things I’ve been learning:

  • Bean bags are really key for posing the baby
  • Space heater to keep the immediate area very toasty is essential.  Heating pad may also be nice.
  • A full tummy for the baby
  • Patience
  • All of the below photos were taken with natural light. Some aided by the help of my reflector I’ve discussed before. I received these nice collage templates from Florabella.

Big sis Maddy was having some fun while I was there.  We got her in a few with Jack, but these ones with her dad I had to share.

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