Nov 082014
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I take pictures in my mind before I actually click the shutter release.  Careful preparation and visualization are essential before all my photo sessions.  When a client has specific ideas for a session, it’s enjoyable to collaborate on this process.  My close friend and author of the natural living blog, The Love Designed Life, has a daughter who is about to turn one.  It has been a fun journey photographing both her children, and for this session her ideas revolved around a field location with ethereal lighting and a flower child vibe.

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Through Pinterest, she pinned several inspiring photos to give me an idea of how to plan.  This process helped me narrow down two key elements to a session: lighting style and location.  Living in the Los Angeles area can provide for a diversity of photo locations, but for my favorite look, you need to head outside the city just a bit to Agoura Hills.  Having shot at this location before, I was certain it would be our ideal setting.  For dreamy backlighting, I shot in late afternoon over the course of almost two hours.

My husband Matt is talented behind the camera, and in certain circumstances, is very inspired to shoot with me.  Everything about this session was inspiring, and the next four photos are a selection of his favorite images.

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By visiting the location in advance and considering our timeframe and shot list, we chose two locations at this particular spot.  The rustic oak trees provide valuable framing opportunities and a nice method for filtering some of the back lit shots.  It was truly essential to shoot with the sun behind our subjects, which with careful consideration to your camera settings, is not overly complicated.  It takes a little more patience and attention, but the end results make it well worth it.

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Moving to our second location, we had about 30-40 minutes until sunset.  The overgrown grass provides the ultimate dreamy glow and the natural tones it reflects, warm the skin tones.  Like the two cute cherubs that they are, the kids were patient and enjoyed playing with these white pumpkins.  Lastly, you will see some solo shots of Paige as the the sun began to set and an orange glow filled the field with some lens flare dancing around like a fire fly.  This was a happy collaborative effort and I could not be more thrilled with the results.  Be sure to check out the Love Designed Life for insightful natural living articles, fun DIY tutorials, fashion + design, and all things mommy.

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Jul 232014

What do I love more about this wedding?  The perfect shades of blush pink, the rustic details, the exceptionally charismatic guests that made candid photos turn out beautifully?  Of course I love all those scrumptious details that make a photographer swoon, but what I truly adore, is this couple’s love story.  Plain and simple!  They met in elementary school and reconnected as adults.  A true story of how fate can play a role in romance and love.

Calamigos Equestrian is a spectacular venue tucked away in Burbank, that gives you an element of seclusion and country right in the city.  With a few locations on the property, their ceremony took place at the Little White House and their reception at the Polo Room.  Personal touches filled the day including a beautiful Monarch butterfly release tribute.  To celebrate the groom’s southern Creole heritage, they stepped out on the dance floor with umbrellas and handkerchiefs for the traditional second line umbrella dance.  To my bride and groom, “laissez les bons temps rouler”!  Congratulations!



















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Jul 082014

Oh Los Angeles, just because you are the “movie capital of the world,” why do you want me to pay a photography fee at so many of your lovely locations?  Exploring Los Angeles and scouting out more “liberally ruled” photography locations is half the fun of being a photographer.  When I schedule a session with a client, it’s important for me to learn through my clients their vision for the session and find a location which compliments that concept.  Often my clients will have a few locations in mind, and it turns out to be a fun way to explore the city.  Most recently, an intriguing spot in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles was recommended to me.  I was very inspired by the pine tree “forrest” on the grounds, which made for some interesting framing choices and use of repetition.  One scenic background is essential for most of my portrait sessions, and the rest can usually fall into place quite nicely.  Final thought, pine cones make good props.


a six_1a six_2a six_3

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Jul 012014
Watch Me Grow

  Yes, if you scroll down you will see a Christmas tree, and if you look closely, a tiny newborn baby girl.  What a stunning room for her and her brother.  My client’s sister is an interior designer and had this beautiful and creative vision to design a 2 sided room for each of the […I want to see more cool pictures]

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Mar 012014
Encino Maternity Portraits

Lake Balboa Park in Encino is a jem of a spot in the Valley.  Before each photo session, I discuss with my clients the mood they’d like to achieve.  Overall, we wanted a romantic and nature inspired maternity session, and Lake Balboa Park offers a lovely complimentary background to suit this mood.  Starting the shoot […I want to see more cool pictures]

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Dec 312013
Left Over Holiday Cheer

The busy season has come to an end for many photographers, myself included.  I’m always reminded of the Night Before Christmas poem line “Ma in her kerchief and I in my cap, have just settled down for a long winter’s nap.”  The winter isn’t nearly as busy as late fall, and I’m looking forward to […I want to see more cool pictures]

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Jul 132013
A Desert Wedding Complete with Joshua Trees

I always forget how close the desert is to Los Angeles.  LA is technically nothing but a desert itself, and without the CA aquaduct, we’d all be doomed.  Nevertheless, I had a lovely drive northeast of LA to Palmdale where this colorful wedding took place.  The bride and groom are spectacularly photogenic and all the guests were lovely.  For […I want to see more cool pictures]

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Mar 052013
Newport Beach, First Family Photos

There are certain times when you feel as a photographer you are truly honored and really have a place in people’s lives.  It gives me great perspective on the art of photography,  the importance of photography, and the valuable role it plays in documenting our family histories.  When I am a part of a special family moment by being there with my camera to […I want to see more cool pictures]

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