Mar 012014

Lake Balboa Park in Encino is a jem of a spot in the Valley.  Before each photo session, I discuss with my clients the mood they’d like to achieve.  Overall, we wanted a romantic and nature inspired maternity session, and Lake Balboa Park offers a lovely complimentary background to suit this mood.  Starting the shoot one hour before sunset, I was able to accomplish ethereal shots with dreamy backlighting and romantic bokeh.  I used my Canon 70-200 and shot primarily at f 3.2 (except for my sunburst shots).  Even in late afternoon light, I rarely have my subjects turned into the sun.  I think backlighting can be so effective and a reflector is essential to fill some light back onto them.  In this shoot, I used the silver side of a reflector.  Fill flash from a speedlight can also be effective, but if you can hold it or have an assistant, the reflector adds just enough natural looking fill.  If I can incorporate a sunburst or a silhouette photo into a maternity session, it makes my day.  To me, the mood these 2 types of images portray, just defines strength and motherhood.  With that, please enjoy this stunning couple.

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Dec 312013

The busy season has come to an end for many photographers, myself included.  I’m always reminded of the Night Before Christmas poem line “Ma in her kerchief and I in my cap, have just settled down for a long winter’s nap.”  The winter isn’t nearly as busy as late fall, and I’m looking forward to the arrival of some Watch Me Grow Babies!

OK, this session is really exciting, because the great grandpa of this precious little one went to the same Ohio high school as me.  We were chatting at the session and suddenly this little treasure of information came out!  So cool!  I’m amazed how small the world really is sometimes.






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Nov 192013

I’m not originally from SoCal, so the idea of family holiday card photos at the beach is just so perfect.  I’m a little behind on my blogging because I’ve been shooting so much, but this was an October session at Paradise Cove.  It is one of my favorite beaches to shoot at because of the wooden pier.  The texture of the wood  looks so much better in photos than some of the other local concrete piers.  It’s a bit of a drive, but we made a morning of it and had a delicious breakfast at the beach cafe.  Look at me complaining about the drive.  Umm, yeah, I’ve been in California too long if a 45 minute drive to the beach is too much to handle.






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Jul 132013
A Desert Wedding Complete with Joshua Trees

I always forget how close the desert is to Los Angeles.  LA is technically nothing but a desert itself, and without the CA aquaduct, we’d all be doomed.  Nevertheless, I had a lovely drive northeast of LA to Palmdale where this colorful wedding took place.  The bride and groom are spectacularly photogenic and all the guests were lovely.  For [...I want to see more cool pictures]

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Mar 052013
Newport Beach, First Family Photos

There are certain times when you feel as a photographer you are truly honored and really have a place in people’s lives.  It gives me great perspective on the art of photography,  the importance of photography, and the valuable role it plays in documenting our family histories.  When I am a part of a special family moment by being there with my camera to [...I want to see more cool pictures]

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Dec 302012
New Obsession...Cardinals!

While visiting my family in Ohio, I always enjoy bird watching from their porch.  I’m intrigued by the different varieties of birds that frequent their feeder.  Cardinals are my favorite.  It was snowing and they just looked so amazing against the snowy backdrop.  I began to get obsessed.  I would wait outside for them to [...I want to see more cool pictures]

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Dec 152012
Watch Me Grow

A few years ago, I introduced a first year photography package called Watch Me Grow.  We start with newborn photos, have a session at six months, and finish with a one year session.  There is also the option to add on a maternity session.  For me it’s one of the most enjoyable things I do, because I get [...I want to see more cool pictures]

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